Contact Lenses

Need More Contacts?


Mohave Eye Center offers many specialty contacts lenses that will provide the visual comfort and needs of your specific lifestyle.  Our doctors fit daily wear, extended wear, multifocal, keratoconic, gas permeable, bandage contacts, toric contacts for astigmatism, colored contact lenses, and the new hybrid lens combining soft and gas permeable material called Synergeyes.

We have just about every brand available to our patients.  Unlike our competitors who buy limited brands of contact lenses in bulk to save cost, our doctors prefer to have many brands available in order to fit the RIGHT contact lenses to the patient and NOT the patient to the few available contact lenses.

We take the time to train our patients in the correct handling and cleaning of their contact lenses and provide them with the proper follow up visits to insure the health and well being of their vision.

Contact Lens Policy

If you order your contacts from our office, you will receive the following additional benefits:

  • Trial or temporary lenses at times you may be out and waiting to be seen for a follow-up exam, up to one trial for each box purchased.
  • Six month follow-up progress exam at half price.
  • Replacement lenses for any defective lenses.
  • 10% off your spectacle orders (if not billed on any insurance)

If you order your contacts through another source, we need you to be aware of our policy:

  • No trial or temporary lenses will be supplied to you at any time.
  • All visits for any follow up care will be charged at the normal and customary office charge.
  • No reimbursement or credit for any defective lenses or unused lenses and in the case of needed power or parameter adjustment will be given under any circumstances.

Contact Lenses Dos & Dont's


  • Always wash your hands before handling contact lenses to reduce the chance of getting an infection.
  • Remove the lenses immediately and consult your eye care professional if your eyes become red, irritated, or your vision changes.
  • Always follow the directions of your eye care professional and all labeling instruction for proper use of contact lenses and lens care products.
  • Use contact lens products and solutions recommended by your eye care professional.
  • Rub and rinse your contact lenses as directed by your eye care professional.
  • Clean and disinfect your lenses properly following all labeling instructions provided with your lens care product.
  • Clean, rinse, and air dry your lens case each time lenses are removed. You may want to flip over your lens case while air drying so that excess solution can drain out of the case. Contact lens cases can be a source of bacterial growth.
  • Replace your contact lens storage case every three to six months.


  • Don’t use contact lens solutions that have gone beyond the expiration or discard date.
  • Don’t “top-off” the solutions in your case. Always discard all of the leftover contact lens solution after each use. Never reuse any lens solution.
  • Don’t expose your contact lenses to any water: tap, distilled, lake, or ocean water. Never use non-sterile water (distilled water, tap water, or any homemade saline solution). Exposure of contact lenses to water has been associated with Acanthamoeba keratitis, a cornea infection that is resistant to treatment and cure.
  • Don’t put your lenses in your mouth to wet them. Saliva is not a sterile solution.
  • Don’t transfer contact lens solutions into smaller travel-size containers. This can affect the sterility of the solution, which can lead to an eye infection. Transferring solutions into smaller size containers may also leave consumers open to accidentally using a solution that is not intended for the eyes.


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