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Find Your Fit: How to Select the Perfect Glasses at Mohave Eye Center

You’re one of a kind, and your glasses ought to match that individuality. Not only do you have specific eye care needs that glasses should fulfill, but it’s important to set a good first impression with your glasses. As your eyewear experts, we have the top tips on how to ensure your glasses represent your style, bring out the features that make you special, and keep your eyes in great shape!
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Know Your Face Shape & Bring Out Your Features


There are five main face shapes, each of which have an ideal glasses style that can help you create a striking look: square, diamond, oval, round, and heart. Catering your glasses to your unique face will flatter you overall appearance and accentuate the parts you love the most!


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If you have a square face, your jaw and cheekbones are more angular, meaning rounded, cat- eye, or glasses that hit the brow line would look exceptional on you. These shapes add a softer dimension, as opposed to rectangular glasses that can widen the face.


Similar to square-shaped faces, the best glasses for diamond faces are round and cat-eye, as they’ll marry well with your features. Additionally, oval glasses bring out your unique bone structure and make for a striking look.


Round faces can accommodate a wide range of frame shapes. Rectangle and square frames can juxtapose the curvature of your face, making them an excellent choice. Round frames also look stunning as well.

Old Man that Needs a Cataract Surgery


Rectangle, square, and aviator-shape glasses look the best on oval faces because they’ll highlight the proportional nature of your features. This is the same reason you should avoid oversized frames, as it can throw off your facial balance.


If your face is heart-shaped, that means it’s wider on top than on bottom, so you should opt for rectangle, round, or square frames. To avoid drawing attention to the widest part of your face, it’s recommended you don’t choose a frame with a bold bridge or brow area.

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Frame Color Matters: Complement Your Hair and Eye

When it comes to frames and hair color, there is one cardinal rule: black frames looks great on anyone! But for those who want to venture into other chromatic territory, here is a hair color guide that you can use to find the perfect frames:

  • Black: Metallic finishes, such as charcoal, gold, pewter, and silver, will look outstanding against your dark hair.
  • Blonde: Feel free to go bright with light blues and pinks, or bold with red.
  • Brunette: Mid-to-deep shades of blue and pink are your friend and pair well with chocolate hair tones.
  • Gray: With your silver hair, blue of any hue, as well as greens and reds, will pop and add personality.
  • Red: Earth tones like brown or a tortoiseshell pattern dovetail nicely with the richness of your red or auburn hair.

Want to bring out your eyes with your glasses? Use these color-related pointers to help select your frames:

  • Brown: Black, tortoise shell, gray, or blue will strike a flattering contrast with your eye color.
  • Blue: Frames that are, blue, brown, gray, tortoise shell, or orange — blue’s complementary color — make your eyes shine.
  • Green: You should choose neutral tones, but you’ll also look great in red and purple.
  • Hazel: Neutral tones that are neither cool nor warm will also look great on you, especially as your eye color changes in the light.
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Choose Glasses that Prioritize Your Eye Health

If you’re dealing with a vision condition like astigmatism or myopia (nearsightedness), it’s crucial that your glasses account for these needs. With quality eye exam backed by advanced technology, your prescription will be precisely dialed in to ensure your eyesight remains clear. And if you’ve been diagnosed with an eye disease, such as macular degeneration or cataracts it’s imperative that you wear sunglasses to help slow the progression and protect your eyes. Our doctors can help customize an eyewear plan based on your unique eye health to safeguard your sight.

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