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At Mohave Eye Center, you can rely on our team of experts to help manage and relieve you of your dry eye symptoms.

Dry Eye Symptom Relief at Mohave Eye Center

If your eyes regularly feel dried out, scratchy, itchy, irritated, or watery; are red-looking; or are sensitive to light, you could have an incredibly common, yet very uncomfortable condition known as dry eye syndrome. There are a few different causes of dry eye syndrome, but they all share similar symptoms. Our team will use advanced diagnostic technology to identify the underlying cause of your condition to help find you a solution that will bring you lasting relief.

Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment at Mohave Eye Center in Kingman, AZ

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is an extremely common condition, especially in the arid desert of Arizona. This condition is usually caused when your eyes produce tears that are low quality, as your tears require a precise balance of mucus, oil, and water for properly hydrate your eyes. The condition can also be caused by an overall lack of tears. We’ll use cutting-edge equipment to determine the specific cause of your case, such as a blockage in one of your meibomian glands, which can prevent your eyes from producing the oil needed for quality tears.

TearCare® for Dry Eye Treatment from Mohave Eye Center


If we determine meibomian gland disfunction is the cause of your dry eye symptoms, TearCare® can provide you with the relief you need. In this state-of-the-art service, our eye doctors will fit you with wearable technology to apply localized bursts of heat to manually express your meibomian glands. After the blockage is cleared during this short, pain-free outpatient procedure, dry eye symptoms typically clear up immediately.

Dry Eye Drops & Other Dry Eye Treatments

We also offer a variety of eye drops and other dry eye treatments to help you see clearly and comfortably. Our doctors can identify what’s causing your symptoms and then pair you with the right dry eye treatment for your needs.

Artificial Tears

Our team has a wide range of artificial tear options that can be used in conjunction with other dry eye treatments to keep your eyes hydrated. We’ll determine the exact dosage of artificial tears to use for your specific condition, so you never need to use more than necessary.


For some cases of dry eye syndrome, we can clear up symptoms using different medications, including Restasis, Xiidra, and Cequa medicated eye drops. These dry eye drops are scientifically engineered and FDA Approved for dry eye treatment and can help either increase tear production or reduce inflammation that can lead to dry eye symptoms.

Punctal plugs

Another option for some dry eye patients is the insertion of punctal plugs. These are small medical devices that are surgically placed into your tear ducts to help stop tears from draining from your eyes too quickly, keeping your eyes hydrated.

Dry Eye Specialists at Mohave Eye Center in Bullhead City, AZ

Trust Us for Your Dry Eye Treatment

At Mohave Eye Center, our caring and experienced staff members have both the expertise and the advanced technology needed to treat your unique case of dry eye syndrome. Don’t continue to deal with the uncomfortable effects, visit us today for a consultation to learn how our dry eye treatment can help bring you the relief you deserve.