Sunglasses Near You

Sunglasses in Bullhead City and Kingman, AZ

Mohave Eye Center is your source for sunglasses that can showcase your personal taste and keep your eyes protected from the sun. We have a huge selection of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, with options for everyone’s sense of style.

Wide variety of High Quality Sunglasses at Mohave Eye Center

Protect Your Eyes

Sunglasses are a lot more than just a fashion piece — they’re crucial for protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays (UV). The sun’s UV rays can damage your eyes even on cloudy days or when you’re in the shade, which means it’s important to have a sturdy pair to rely on. We know how hard the sun can hit here in the desert, so we make sure our patients stay protected with our high-quality sunglasses.

Woman wearing Fashionable Sunglasses at Mohave Eye Center

Fashionable Choices

We believe that sunglasses should be both functional and fashionable! For our patients who want to use their eyewear to stand out, we have a large collection of sunglasses to choose from, including designer brand options!

Our Favorite Sunglasses Brands

Patients trying on Sunglasses at Mohave Eye Center

Superior Shopping Experience

With our large selection of options, there’s truly something for everyone. Our opticians can’t wait to help you sort through our collection and find the perfect pair of sunglasses for you and your needs!