Pediatric Eye Exams

Mohave Eye Center is here to take care of every member of your family, and we’re proud to offer our pediatric vision services to help your children see clearly and comfortably!

Pediatric Eye Care at Mohave Eye Center

We understand how important clear eyesight can be for a child, which is why we take extra special care when it comes to kids and their vision. For more than 60 years, our community has trusted us to take care of their vision needs, and it’s our mission to ensure the next generation has great eyesight as well!

Pediatric Eye Exam at Mohave Eye Center

What Is a Pediatric Eye Exam?

Our pediatric eye exams are just like our comprehensive eye exams, except they’re specifically designed for younger eyes. During the exam, we’ll keep a lookout for conditions that are more common in children, and make sure their eyes are growing and developing properly. We want your kids to find a trip to the eye doctor as normal, and even fun, so we use kid-friendly language and methods to help them understand their care.

The Importance of Pediatric Eye Care

Why Pediatric Eye Care Is Important?

There are many conditions and issues that are most easily identified and treated during childhood, such as myopia. Our team believes in finding and diagnosing these issues early so we can create a customized treatment plan to protect their eyesight and prevent their vision from being impacted as they get older.

Why Choose Us

Our team believes in treating each patient like they’re members of our own family. Through our thorough pediatric eye exams, our doctors can diagnose and treat eye diseases that we frequently see in younger eyes to safeguard their vision for the future. For over six decades, we’ve been our community’s trusted source of quality eye and vision services, and we’re excited to help care for your family’s eyes too!

A History of Innovation

Since our founding in 1960, we’ve been committed to providing our patients with the latest innovations in eye care and trusted technological solutions, to help them see clearly and comfortably for years to come.

Your Partners in Eye Care

We’re the go-to doctors for lifelong eye care: we’ll stand by you and your family to protect and enhance your vision. We’re invested in keeping your eyes healthy as part of your overall wellness and quality of life.

Everything You Need in One Place

We pride ourselves on being one of the first practices to combine ophthalmology and optometry. To this day, we continue to offer services for a range of eye conditions, so you can get everything you need from the doctors who know you best.