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Mohave Eye Center

Mohave Eye Center’s world-class eye doctors are here to help you on your path to better vision!

Your Partners in Eye Care

As members of the community we serve, we care deeply about providing everyone with excellent care for all their eye and vision needs. Our desire to help our community achieve the best sight possible was what led us to become early pioneers in combining optometry and ophthalmology in the same practice. When you’re here, you’re more than just a set of eyes, you’re an integral member of our community. We’ll even take your picture during your appointment, so we can always put a face to your name!

Our Doctors

The friendly providers at Mohave Eye Center believe in putting patients first, and thanks to our diverse background in optometry and ophthalmology, we have the experience to find solutions for all your eye health needs. Learn more about our doctors and which locations you can find them at below:

Mohave Eye Center Full Scope Practice

Full Scope Practice

Mohave Eye Center provides the perfect blend of expertise in optometry and ophthalmology, and as one of the first in the region to blend these services together, we have a lengthy history of delivering our patients exceptional vision results. Our team has a collective passion for your eyes and vision and won’t rest until you’re seeing as clearly as possible!

Why Choose Us

We’re able to take care of all of your eye’s needs, all in one place, thanks to our caring team and cutting-edge technology. We’ve helped our community see better since 1960, and we’re ready to help you and your family next!

A History of Innovation

Since our founding in 1960, we’ve been committed to providing our patients with the latest innovations in eye care and trusted technological solutions, to help them see clearly and comfortably for years to come.

Your Partners in Eye Care

We’re the go-to doctors for lifelong eye care: we’ll stand by you and your family to protect and enhance your vision. We’re invested in keeping your eyes healthy as part of your overall wellness and quality of life.

Everything You Need in One Place

We pride ourselves on being one of the first practices to combine ophthalmology and optometry. To this day, we continue to offer services for a range of eye conditions, so you can get everything you need from the doctors who know you best.